Kate’s “Point of View”

All Photographs Copyright Kathleen R. Faust 2002-2013

My love for photography, painting and family have taken me in all new directions throughout my life.  In the last year I have been incorporating my photojournalism skills into my love of family by photographing weddings in a very unobtrusive style.  I strive to record those moments that are often overlooked.  Being the mother of 4 grown women I am fully aware of the quiet, special moments that take place on the biggest day of your life.


Painting and photography have been the ideal tools to chronicle the world around me. I have had the freedom to travel extensively with my easel and camera as a guide.  This wanderlust has opened my eyes to many diverse cultures. While these varied scenes truly captivate my photographic eye, it is simple, pure objects that draw me to paint. I strive to capture these still moments with an overriding emphasis on light and shadow.  Painting and photography yield two diverse yet connected perspectives that deserve equal consideration.  Consideration, I endeavor to provide through my artwork.


Imagery by Kate